Import dae file from MakeHuman to SceneKit

MakeHuman | Open source tool for making 3d characters
I wanted to use model data created in this MakeHuman(↑) in SceneKit. So I tried many ways to do. Next is one of what I did and worked.

Screenshot of MakeHuman

↑Make model and face expression in MakeHuman. You have to make objects like teeth or tongue, because there might be no data at default.

Output dae file in MakeHuman. Then a dae file and a folder with some textures appears.

Drag and drop them to Xcode, keeping their hierarchy.

You have to set texture images at Scene Editor in Xcode. For example, you may have to set diffuse image as teeth.png for teeth object.

↑Then it worked.

Next are what I did and failed.

(A) I saw somewhere webpage… I tried like below :
1)Output dae file in MakeHuman
2)Import them in Blender and set textures and export dae file
3)Import them in Xcode
But as I wrote, I don’t have to use Blender.

(B) Use ManuelBastioniLAB for Blender

Screenshot of ManuelBastioniLAB

↑This library renders human like this. It looks nice, but when I export this data as dae file, and import them to Xcode, it could NOT draw like what I expected… I don’t know what to do and gave up.

Screenshot of Scene Editor

↑And when I bought dae data from Blender, the model always rotated 90 degree in Scene Editor, but it appeared in running as I expected.

macOS Sierra 10.12.3
Xcode 8.2.1
iOS 10.2.1
MakeHuman 1.1.0
Blender 2.78a
ManuelBastioniLAB version 1.4.0a
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