Some troubles to submit new iOS app

There were three troubles to submit my new iOS app in this time.

(1) Generic Xcode Archive
This app is my first app with Bullet framework. So it caused this problem.
When I made an archive, I saw something I have never seen. Its archive type was 'Generic Xcode Archive’, though I had expected 'iOS App Archive’.
So I looked up this on the internet, and found the way to change 'Skip install’ to YES for Bullet projects, and succeeded to make archive.

(2) No arm7
Next I met a new trouble in validation. The error message seemed to say my app did not include arm7 version.

objective c - Validating app, application is missing Architecture armv7 - Stack Overflow
↑I found this article and I also disconnected my iPhone 6 from my mac, and made archive and tried again. And the validation succeeded!

(3) Always 'Waiting for screenshot’ at In app purchase
Finally I had succeeded to submit my new app. Its status changed to ‘Waiting for review’.
But I found that the status of in 'app purchase’ had been always ‘Waiting for screenshot’.
So I made a screenshot image and uploaded. Then the status changed to ‘Ready for submit’, well, I have to submit again?

I rejected the version 1.0 by myself.
And I tried to upload the same version through Xcode, but Xcode did not accept it because the version was not different. I did not have to upload archive again. What I did was to do something in iTunes, and the status changed to ‘Waiting for review’
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