64-bit Bullet for iOS

64-bit and iOS 8 Requirements for New Apps - News and Updates - Apple Developer

As you know we have to support 64bit code soon.
Most of developers may not think this news is important but I was a little bit shocked. Because my new developing app support only 32 bit because of Bullet library.

When I installed Bullet, it did not work at default settings, because the library does not support 64 bit. So I changed the app’s architectures settings to delete 64 bit (arm64) with '$(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT)'

But this way is not proper since the Apple’s news. So I searched and searched the way to make Bullet support 64 bit.
And the answer is here :
Real-Time Physics Simulation Forum • View topic - Error compiling Bullet for iOS arm64 architecture with Xcode

I fixed the line to :
#elif defined( __ARM_NEON__ ) && (!defined(__LP64__) && !defined(_LP64))

And it worked I guess. I would know in submitting my app if this way should be wrong.
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