Make a hole in Blender

I took long time to make a hole in Blender, so I leave this post not to forget how to do it.

plane and cylinder

↑There is a plane like object and a cylinder. You have to move this cylinder where you want to make a hole.

Boolean Modifier

↑Select the plane and use Boolean of Modifier.
‘Operation' is ‘Difference', and select a name of cylinder as ‘Object'. You have to select the object by its name, so you have to study it previously if there are many objects.

a hole in the plane

↑After “Apply', You can see a hole if you move the cylinder.

troublesome meshes

↑By the way after applying this modifier, meshes always became like this, so I have to make them simple if I need this data as 3D data. Is there any other good way?
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