Bevel modifier in Blender

I wanted to have an edge of an object beveled.
There is a modifier ‘Bevel’ in Blender and a cube object became like this with this modifier :

Cube with Bevel Modifier

↑All edges were beveled. It is ok if you want to make so. But I want to make only one edge round.
And I found the way in the web. You have to set ‘weight’ to the edge you want to have it beveled.

Set weight in Limit method

↑At Modifier / Bevel setting, select ‘Weight’ for Limit Method. Default is ‘None’.
And you select the edges which you want to have beveled, and enter control + e, then new window appears, so select ‘Edge Bevel Weight’ like this :

Set weight with cursor

You can set weight when you move your cursor.

Cube with one beveled edge

↑Only one edge has been beveled.
Though I don’t know how to make only one vertex beveled.
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