Make sound effects by myself with iPhone

When I wanted some sounds in my apps, I always tried to find them in web. But I tried to make them by my self.

There is a built-in app, Voice Memos in your iPhone.

Voice Memos app icon

↑This is its icon (Japanese version).

(1) Record something.

(2) Edit the sound. You can trim off where you don’t need easily in the Voice Memos app. This is very useful.

Voice Memos screenshot

↑Screenshot in Japanese version.

(3) Send the data to Mac. But how? I don’t know the proper way, so I attached the data with email and email from iPhone and received it in Mac’s mailer. Probably we will transfer this kind of data via AirDrop in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite soon.

(4) Add the data to Xcode. And just use it. The sound data file has an extension ‘.m4a’ . I have never used this type of file before but it worked with AVAudioPlayer as usual. I did not have to convert the sound data (to mp3 or something).
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