OpenCV came to my iOS

The other day I completely gave up to install OpenCV for iOS. But after installation of Bullet, I tried it again because the both ways to install are similar.

I was not able to use library files created by homebrew, I did not use it. I built files as official page said.
Installation in iOS — OpenCV 3.0.0-dev documentation

Then something different… this is building? It took very long time, so I had to do other things or go out, and I’m not sure how many minutes it took. And I saw the result :
Failed again? orz
Anyway I had a little progress, I searched again and found some said the latest version fails to install.

error compiling the opencv framework - Stack Overflow

So I selected 2.4.4 and tried to build again, and finally I saw :

I tried to implement easy code to make a photo (UIImage object) gray, with seeing official sample code.

OpenCV iOS - Image Processing — OpenCV 3.0.0-dev documentation

The result is here :

OpenCV test to make photo grey
GOOOOD! OpenCV finally works in my iOS device!!!
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