Make iPhone numeric keypad with Blender KeyPad

I have been using Blender recently with Mac and the Apple's keyboard without numeric keypad and Magic Trackpad. These are comfortable to write code with Xcode but I sometimes feel troublesome when using Blender. Because it allocates important functions to numeric keypad keys.
When you want to see the 3D view from front, you just push 1 of numeric keypad. But I don’t have it, so I have to move a cursor to ‘view’ of menu and click it and push ‘f’.
Very annoying! So I tried to search any good idea… and found one iPhone app called ‘Blender KeyPad’.

screenshot of Blender KeyPad

↑This is a screenshot of the app. You can use this app as a numeric keypad even if you don’t use Blender.
Though I have to look at the display to tap. This app would be really nice if I could use it without looking, for example, using gestures.
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