Error by Japanese comments in OpenGL ES

I have been interested in OpenGL ES and learning it by this tutorial :

OpenGL Tutorial for iOS: OpenGL ES 2.0 | Ray Wenderlich

This is really basic one for beginners and I do the same things as the page said (just copy and paste), but an error appeared :
ERROR: 0:11: 'premature EOF' : syntax error syntax error

I needed some time to reach the reason. I had put some Japanese comments at the first area of a shader file (the name is SimpleVertex.glsl in that tutorial) like this :
// コメント
And this might be the reason. The error disappeared when I wrote the comment in English or I put the comment at the bottom of the file.

I could find the reason because this code was just copied from the tutorial webpage, but I could not have found it if code had been written by myself.
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