Xcode with 27 inch display

I had used a 19 inch display for my Mac mini (late 2009), made by Dell, 1280 x 1024 px. And I had wanted a little bit bigger size display when I was using Xcode (especially with Interface Builder) or Blender. And I finally decide to buy new one.

27 inch display

↑27 inch / 1920 x 1080 px / LG 27EN43V

27 inch display is really big for my desk...

When I was using previous 19 inch display, I usually had Xcode showed the navigator area which showed many file names at the left side, and the editor area to edit code at the right side of the screen. I sometimes used the utility area, changing its appearance with a short cut of command + option + 0.

But I got many spaces at the new 27 inch display, when using Xcode like above. So I have been doing trial and error, I often use assistant editor these days.

Xcode with assistant editor

↑You can split editor area with the assistant editor. Left area is a main part and you can have any code showed at the right area, this is very helpful.
The assistant editor appears with a shot cut : command + option + return
And it hides : command + return

And it is very nice to see whole file name in the navigator area because I was able to make it wider.

I put a browser showing a tutorial site in the right side of the screen and Xcode in left side, which was really nice.
I hope this new display make my develop faster.
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