The reason why Blender renders black

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↑I have been using some time to learn Blender. I installed this free app to my old Mac and have been studying it with some tutorial websites.
I use Mac, and its keyboard has no numeric keypad, and I love to use MagicTrackpad. So most of the tutorial pages are written as using Windows machines, but I suppose it’s all right.

I had a serious problem, which got a black rendering result like this :

Blender rendered black

I set a camera, a lamp, textures… I could not found the reason.
But finally I found it in one webpage. I had moved the camera and lights to other layer and turned them off!

Blender screenshot
↑I had put the camera and lights in other layer (left bottom) and usually turned it off because I usually did not need it while editing objects.
But then rendering image would be completely black like above.

turn on layers of camera and light
↑If you turned the layer on, you would see the camera and lights and they might be a little bit noisy for editing.

correct rendering image
↑But rendering image appeared as I expected.
I thought these button controlled just appearance in the ‘3D view’ and I did not expect they change a rendering result.

By the way this object is one pokemon called ‘Tamagedake’. My son loves pokemons and I selected it from his pokemon book, because It looked the easiest one to make in Blender.
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